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Ladies and gentlemen, let's talk about this real estate maverick, Josh Boggs. This guy's been in the game longer than some sitcoms run on TV. With 18 years under his belt, he's not just a real estate consultant; he's the guru of property pizzazz. His team, the Exposed Homes Group, isn't just some group—it's consistently ranked in the top 150 out of over 16,000 licensed agents. That's like being the cool kid in a massive high school, except this time it's about selling houses, not swapping lunch items.

This dude's got more financial know-how than a Wall Street banker at happy hour. Starting with a background in financial education, credit, and mortgage analysis, Josh didn't just dip his toes in the real estate pool—he cannonballed into it. His passion for delivering red carpet service is so intense; you'd think he's prepping for a Hollywood premiere with every sale. And get this, he's all about educating folks, like a real estate Yoda schooling Padawans in the art of property deals.

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Josh Boggs

Josh Boggs

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Kristi Waite

Kristi Waite

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"Excellent team to work with! They had outstanding communication with us and help all this go smoothly!"
"Josh and Norma were awesome. My brother, and I was grateful for there help and guidance. We do greatly appreciate everything, they have done. We was goi going through a crazy life roller coaster and wRead MoreRead Less
"Thank very much for teaching Negotiate and offer!"
"Josh Boggs did an exceptional job instructing our class @ Keller Williams. His real life examples and lessons learned from his years of experience as a REALTOR will help me tremendously in my own RealRead MoreRead Less
"Josh did an excellent job teaching us in Ignite! Lots of great information and ideas."
"Just had a great coaching with Josh box!"
"Amazing service thank you for being patient and understanding."
"The experience was just perfect! Makes me want to purchase another home asap! Great team and closed in very little time. I have already started to recommend to others that are looking for a home. TRead MoreRead Less
"Our home buying experience with eXposed Homes Group was excellent!! We closed within 3 weeks of picking our home. All paperwork was handled with professionalism and expertise which made the process stRead MoreRead Less

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Oh Snap, there's more! Josh isn't just about selling houses; he's also the ultimate family man. Dude is seriously like the walking, talking real life Clark W. Griswald, no sh%t! Married to the lovely and super fine Norma, who's no slouch herself at Exposed Homes, they've been rocking the partnership for 19 years and are raising three future legends. When he's not hustling in the real estate arena, they're out there hitting the road, having more family adventures than the cast of a 'Fast & Furious' movie.

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